Graduation Collection 2011

Inside OUT
You can not always see the inside on the OUTSIDE..

For the graduation collection I wanted to show the personality on the outside, using the body as a display. I chose to create powerful women who are not afraid to stand up for themselves. As a metaphor i took hair, when you think of it, hair can in some ways be compared to the characteristics of the personality of a person. For example when the wind blows the hairs will go all in different directions, moving back and forth and there is not a particular direction chosen, this can be compared to a person who “Goes with the flow” as they call it, a person who doesn’t really takes concrete decisions. To illustrate the hair, without using actual hair, fabrics such as silk and embroidery yarns were used. With the silk fabrics i tried to create the same movements that the hairs have when a person walks.

Photographer: Mandy Brander
Model: Sofie Bernhagen
Clothes: Nathalie Goedegebuure
Hair & Make up: Faïsa Sontodimedjo
Hair: Robin van der Linde, Marion Goedegebuure